Welcome To Avatlife! - December 2019.

Bazza Banana
Joined: 2019-12-21 03:44:10
2019-12-22 21:17:30

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Avatlife.

Avatlife is a community for all Second Life users. Share your best times in Second Life with your friends on this site!

We offer a lot of features!

- Fully immersive social media system, similar to other online platforms.

- Pages - Ideal for store pages/communities.

- Groups - Want to start your own advertising group or blogging group? you can here!

- Events - Post any events you are hosting in SL here on the site.

- Blogs - Post your blogs and related links into our dedicated blog section so all of your friends can see.

- Forums - You are here already! - We will communicate directly with you here when we add more functions or features and you can also chit and chat here too if you wish!

Lastly! - A lot of you will know that BlogterSL.com is now offline, the reason for this is we decided to create an all-immersive community for everyone in SL while keeping blogging related tools that BlogterSL had. 

We fully expect there to be a maintenance period in the coming week at some point after the launch, so if the website goes offline for a short amount of time, do not be alarmed. You may come back to added features!

We hope you love Avatlife!