Bingo Event!
10:00 AM - Jan 19 12:00 PM
bingo? BINGO? BINGO!? BINGOOOO!!! ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️? YES! you heard right! It's time to play some bingo again and win some lindens! ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️? On Sunday 19th of January 10am SLT We are going to spend a nice evening/morning @Re-Mixxx and drawing out bingo numbers! Bingo receiver can win between 100L$/round and 500L$ Jackpot (or more!) and this all is free for you! Join us @Re-Mixxx to play some bingo, win lindens and meet old or new people! Game instructions can be found at the club :) Horse ride to Bingo:
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